Stand Alone Sports Night, Sports Night x-overs

Even Sugar Peas Run Out Of Snap
D/C. NC-17. Boys doing it. Posted 7.22.01.
Maybe we're stronger than that. All the times after the first time.

D/C. NC-17. Boys doing it. Posted 8.3.01.
Whatever alcohol induced sabbatical Casey had decided this was, he seemed determined to make it something to remember.

You Just Have To Be Chocolate Cake
TWW/SN x-over. Dan (SN)/Sam (TWW). NC-17. Swearing, Boys doing it. Posted 8.28.01
It wasn't that kind of bar but that was where it happened anyway.

The Possibility of a World
D/C, D/OFC, C/OMC. R. Swearing, Boys doing it. Posted 9.17.01
Casey leaves Sports Night. Dan finds out why. Angst and unhappiness ensues. Also, world-class blow jobs, music geekiness, Samuel Delany and never enough Shiner Bock.

The One To Walk You Home
Sports Night/Without A Trace. R ish. Dan Rydell/Danny Taylor. 6.22.2005.
Two Dannys walk into a bar and the things that happen after that.

The Wind Cries Pecota
Sports Night. No swears, no sex, no violence. Jeremy, Dan.
You say PECOTA, I say clutch hitting.

Linked Stories On their own page now. A series of linked stories in a largely non-slashy SNUniverse.
New story added 10.11.01.

The West Wing

Taking Notice
CJ/T. PG. Posted 6.20.01.
Vignette. This, she thinks, is the good part.

You Live In The World
J/S. NC-17. Boys doing it. Posted 7.7.01.
Stop thinking his name like you're screaming for Justin Timberlake.

Most People
J/D. NC-17. Explicit het sex and swearing. Posted 8.14.01.
She tries in the cold light of morning not to take it as an omen that the sex wasn't that great.
TWWSotU August Challenge Fic.

Boys of Summer
J/S. R. Boys doing it. Posted 9.5.01.
We had the days coming. (co-written with Luna of Sparkgirls.)

No Renoirs
J/S. PG-13. Boys doing it. Posted 9.23.01.
He runs his fingers along the wall, because Sam has expensive tables, but nothing hanging on his walls, no photographs or posters or Renoir knock-offs. (First four paragraphs by Punk, a Mango Challenge).

Twenty Years in the Dakota
Abbey. PG. Posted 10.01.01.
This is the story of someone's wife. - Courtney Love

Number the Days
CJ/Toby. PG-13. Posted 12.08.01.
CJ doesn't know what makes today of all days special enough for fine scotch.

Harry Potter Stories

I Something You, You Whatnot Me
Harry Potter. PG. Remus/Sirius. Posted 09.08.03.
After all these ruined years, let me realize your fears.

Into The Light Of The Dark Black Night Also, with commentary.
Harry Potter. PG. Lily/James. Posted 11.19.03.
Like the ballad of Lily.

All Argument Against It
Harry Potter. PG. Gryffindor/Slytherin, MWPP era. Posted 1.4.2004.
For the Yuletide Treasure challenge There are many stories about the Founders.

Credulous Hearts
Harry Potter. PG. Ron/Harry, Ron/OMC, Ron/Luna. Posted 03.22.04.
Ron wasn't completely wrecked anymore.

As Chaste As Ice
Harry Potter. PG. Ron/Harry. Posted 05.30.04.
Harry waited for Ron to tell him all about it.

A Raven When It Flies
Harry Potter. PG. Remus/Sirius. Posted 06.20.04.
Remus ran away.

Tales Of A Librarian (20 Happy Moments In Sirius Black's Life Involving Remus Lupin)
Harry Potter. PG. Sirius/Remus. Posted 09.08.04
Happy happened sometimes.

This Is A Low
Harry Potter. PG. Dean. Posted 10.21.04
Time for Dean to decide.

How To Function Without Hoping
Harry Potter. R. Sirius/Remus. Post-HBP. Posted 12.14.05.
Sirius isn't a ghost or a portrait.

In The Hand I Never Relax
Harry Potter. R. Sirius/Remus. Post-HBP. Posted 1.1.06.
For Shackinup_Sesa. Sirius is confused by many things but not Remus.

North (Gather Me Up Remix)
Harry Potter. Swearing, explicit sex. Ron/Hermione/Harry. Pre-HBP. Posted 4.2.06.
For remixredux. Ron has the worst time explaining things.

Portions For Foxes
Harry Potter. Swearing and alluded sex. Sirius/Remus. Post-OotP, au. Posted 7.1.2006.
Sirius is fucking for peace and the furniture isn't answering.

Roswell, Roswell x-overs

In the Company of Men
Roswell. PG-13. Maria/Michael. Posted 10.29.01.
She's really not mad at him. (Post-ep for Significant Others)

Put You Half To Sleep
Roswell/Smallville. R. Sean/Lex. Posted 7.28.2004
Sean never wins at those games

Smallville, Smallville x-overs

This World Is A Wrap-Around Skirt
Smallville. Smut and language. Lana/Chloe. Posted 10.16.03.
This world is a fickle young girl. (Set directly after the season 2 finale, no season 3 spoilers.)

All Circles Warmed Up
Smallville/Supernatural. Spoilers for Smallville s6. Serious smut and language. Chloe/Dean. Posted 12.24.2006
"You have to like the car," Dean said. He even stopped trying to open her bra to say it.

The O.C., O.C. x-overs

A Bruised Road (also viewable here as part of the challenge archive.)
The O.C. PG. Ryan/Seth. Posted 12.06.03.
Part of the Freeverse Challenge. 'The singer is mumbling something about his 'fragile family tree' when Seth says, "So when was the last time you saw your dad?" He sounds jaunty.'

Some Days Those Maps Collide
The O.C. PG. Ryan/Seth. Posted 2.5.2004.
For the OC Flashfic challenge It's a surprise how nice things are.

These Grown-up Complications
The O.C. R. Seth/Ryan. Posted 2.22.2004.
What does it mean when something changes how it's always been?

We'll See How Brave You Are
Everwood/The O.C. NC-17. Ephram/Seth, Ephram/Colin, Ryan/Seth. Posted 3.10.2004
Come see how okay we can be.

You're A Pageant
The O.C. R. Sandy/Kirsten. Posted 4.4.2004
He's got his girl, that's all he wants.

Five Things That Never Happened To Ryan Atwood (And Seth Cohen)
The O.C. R. Ryan/Seth. (Part 4: Seth/Marissa.) 3.30.2005.
Five episodes, five things.

Those Bedroom Alibis
The O.C. Heavy petting and swearing. Summer/Taylor. Pre-series. 12.03.2006.
Summer can be charitable, too. Even for losers.


Even The Weak Survive
Everwood. PG. Laynie. Posted 3.04.2004
She'll be sitting there, in that completely different place and drinking coffee and one of her friends will say, "Why are you so fucked up?"

Note To Self: Don't Die
Everwood. PG-13. Colin/Ephram. Posted 10.3.2004
Colin dreamt he died and then he wakes up.

Walking Off Your Blues
Everwood. PG-13. Bright/Madison. Posted 6.22.2005
'I swear, of all the things I expected when I came back to Everwood, Bright Abbott as my third best friend wasn't even on the list.'

This Town Is A Song About You
Everwood. PG-13. Bright, Ephram. Posted 1.14.2007
You don't know how precious you are.

Young Americans

Get What You Give
Young Americans. NC-17. Hamilton/Ryder. Posted 3.21.2004
He got lost in New York and then he was lost in Rawley.

Charmed, Charmed x-overs

When We Were Diving Gold and Pearling Waves
Charmed. PG. Piper/Leo. Posted 1.17.2005
She woke up and knew it was another damn spell meant to frustrate her.

Regrets (Don't You Forget About Me Mix)
Charmed. PG. Chris. Posted 3.29.2005
Written for remixredux III. Chris's memories shift.

Some Map You've Entered
Charmed/Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Swearing, adult content. Prue/Faith. Posted 11.16.2006
Even dead, Prue didn't have any life.

Dawson's Creek, Dawson's Creek x-overs

Take Me Back St. Cecilia
Dawson's Creek/Angel the Series. PG-13. Pacey, Gunn. Posted 6.23.2004
All the guests were boring and unlikeable until That Guy showed up.


What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas
CSI, General Hospital, Homicide: Life On The Streets, RPF. Smut and swearing. Nick/Gil. Posted 6.24.2004
Nick thinks he's a little screwed up.

Dreaming of Horses
CSI. Smut, swearing. Sara/Gil. Posted 7.12.2004
Two weeks, two vacations.

There's Nothing Here But The Ground
CSI. Serious explicit smut. Sara/Catherine. Posted 4.5.2006
The only longtime resident of Las Vegas is the sand. And Catherine and Sara.


At The Count Of Three He Says
Entourage. R. Eric/Vince. Posted 8.23.2004
The advantage of having his own bathroom.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the series

Something That You Learn On A Tightrope
Angel the Series. Swearing and smut. Gunn/Wes. Spoilers through NFA. Posted 2.5.2005
On a roadtrip to save 27 counties.

As Feet Grow Out Like Fruit On Legs
Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Giles. Andrew. Post-Chosen. Posted 3.6.2005
Giles doesn't really need an assistant.

Not A Day Of Rue
Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy. Xander. Post-Chosen. Posted 5.1.2005
Getting older and older here, but it's not so bad.

Breathless Slippery Slope
Angel the Series. A little smut and swearing. Nina/Harmony. Post-NFA. Posted 5.1.2005
Even with the panda blood and the shoplifting, Harmony's a pretty good roommate.

Well of Static
Angel the Series. Connor, Angel. Post-NFA. Posted 7.14.2005
For the second Freeverse challenge. It's an obligation.

Nitty Gritty Detritus
Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fred, Oz. Pre-Heartthrob. Posted 7.17.2005
For the Fredathon. Excuse me, she says, and runs.

We Won't Blink
Angel the Series. Wes/Gunn. Pre-Belonging. Posted 9.1.2005
For the Slashysummerfun community. One night under the stars in Angel's car.

Caprinteria Sang In Me
Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Smut and swearing. Cordelia/Faith. Just pre-The Zeppo. Posted 9.9.2005
For femslash_minis. For once, a day trip to Carpinteria that didn't completely suck.

Be My Fay Wray
Angel The Series. Smut and swearing. Harmony/Fred. Birthdayverse. Posted 12.4.2005
For femslash_minis. Harmony wants a human lover, like all the cool vampires have.

There Is No Revolution Without Boots And Song
Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Smut, swearing, violence. Buffy/Faith. Post-NFA. Posted 12.31.2005.
For Secret Slasha 2005. Destroy it to save it.

Who By Accident
Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel the series. Swearing, violence. Buffy/Connor. Post-NFA. Posted 2.6.2006.
School never works for Buffy, she's always meeting possibly evil cute boys.

Whites or Brights
Angel the series. Wee swearing. Gunn/Fred. Pre-Deep Down. Posted 2.14.2006.
For the fluff-a-thon. One night in LA, laundry happens.

That's Your Boy Breathing
Angel the series. Wee swearing, implied smut. Gunn/Faith. Post-NFA. Posted 3.15.2006.
For the happyendings-a-thon. Drive around, save the world, it's how they do it.

Well Then
Angel the series. Explicit sex and swearing. Gunn/Wes. Post-NFA. Posted 4.30.2006.
They're still up for this.

Holy Floating
Angel the series. Explicit sex and swearing. Gunn/Wes. Between s2 & s3. Posted 6.27.2006.
There wasn't much happening while they waited for Angel to get back. Not much.

By Now Selfless Power
Angel the series. Sex, swearing. Gunn/Wes. Post NFA. Posted 11.10.2006.
They ended up in New England.

You'll Find That Your Arms Are Fine and Strong
Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Kissing. Anya/Tara. AU from mid-s6. Posted 1.1.2007.
For secret slasha 2006. "I asked you because there's no one else," Anya said.

And If You Save Yourself
Angel the series. Explicit sex, swearing. Gunn/Connor. post-NFA. Posted 2.11.2007.
For maleslashminis. You have to find something to do on a Friday night.

Broke Up Your Ground
Angel the series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Explicit sex, swearing. Buffy/Gunn. post-NFA, post-Chosen. Posted 3.4.2007.
For Ten Years Of Buffy Like the flying poodles from the night before, that had been super fun.

Bunny Bunny Oxen-Free
Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Very mild swearing. Buffy, Anya. post-Chosen. Posted 3.10.2007.
For A Decade Of Buffy "You have to admit, it's a very strange sort of vengeance spell," Anya said, pouring a scary large amount of vodka into her glass of orange juice.

Girl In The War
Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Swearing, mild explicit sex. Faith/Dawn. post-Chosen. Posted 3.18.2007.
For femslash07 "Dawn went to this pawn shop on Fifth Street and Lewis to see if they had the glove and then disappeared," Watcher Junior said.

In the Absence of Sun (Different Kinds of Crazy Remix)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the series. Swearing, explicit sex. Buffy/Faith/Wesley. au btvs s6, au ats s3. Posted 5.20.2007.
Faith says, "Do you want to come for Wesley?"

To The Next Warm Station
Angel the series, iceslash. Explicit sex, mild swearing. Gunn/Wes/Ben. post-NFA. Posted 5.20.2007.
But when Angel comes in and asks if everything went okay last night, Wesley smiles and says, "Perfectly fine. We didn't need you at all."

Dry Spells Hard Times Bad Lands
Angel the series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Explicit sex, mild swearing. Connor/Buffy. post-Chosen, post-NFA. Posted 6.10.2007.
"Yeah. We've got theories and thoughts and crazy guesses. But Willow doesn't think they're dead. Or on this planet. Or this dimension. And how I don't know." Saving everyone is the order of the day.

A New Shade of Green
Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Implied sex, mild swearing. Dawn/Faith. post-Chosen, no comics canon. Posted 8.05.2007.
"Sucks to be her," Faith said, flopping on the bed after Dawn had smoothed out the sheets and made it look nice.

The Demon Sells Prada
Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Implied sex, mild swearing. Buffy/Cordelia. post-s3, no comics canon. Posted 8.19.2007.
Cordelia grabbed the shoes from Buffy's hands and looked at the size. "Okay, not my size, here. And I think the store is run by a demon. But this is only my second time here and I would really appreciate it if you didn't do your thing and kill him and get me covered in slime while you do it."

Fly Away On My Way
Angel The Series. Implied sex. Gunn/Wes. post-NFA, no comics canon. Posted 11.4.2007.
"I say, screw it," Gunn said. "They won't be back for a while."

Going Back to Cali
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel The Series. Kissing, a wee violence. Buffy/Connor. Post-Chosen, post-NFA, no comics canon. Posted 11.30.2007.
"Um, it's not that. I just think this is a really, well, stupid plan. It's like someone watched too much soap operas and worked from there. Are you really that notable?"

Watching Strawberries Lose Their Shape
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel The Series. Kissing, implied smut. Buffy/Fred. Post-Chosen, post-NFA, no comics canon. Posted 1.1.2008.
"It's probably still the curse," Buffy said. But she wasn't rushing to get her underwear back on.

Carry An Island Around On Our Backs
Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Implied smut, swearing, violence. Robin/Faith. Post-Chosen, no comics canon. Posted 2.8.2008.
"You prefer places where everyone needs to be searched for weapons," Robin said.

Further Vagrancy
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series. smut, swearing, violence. Connor/Buffy. Post-Chosen, no comics canon. Posted 2.17.2008.
"We're crawling through the ceiling, Connor, that's usually not even technically okely-dokely."

There, You Dance As Well As Fred Astaire
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series. Swearing. Gunn/Anya. Post-Chosen, post-NFA, no comics canon. Posted 2.21.2008.
Gunn said, "Fine, you're a parallel universe visiting fool. Crisis of Infinite Universes, I get it. And you're here, looking for me. Why?"

Salt on the Lip From the Sea Somewhere
Angel the Series/RPF. Not even swearing. Fred, Johnny Weir. post-NFA, no comics canon. Posted 5.19.2008.
"I don't know anyone named Buttle," Fred said. "Also, you seem pretty okay about being the target of a nefarious evil plan. Did you miss that part? You didn't even ask."

With All His Available Energies
Angel the Series. Wee swearing. Gunn, Gunn/Wes, Giles, Anya. post-NFA, no comics canon. Posted 7.27.2008.
There was the alley, Gunn remembers, and then he was pretty sure he was going to die and he thought, once, "Alonna" and then there was a bright light. And Gunn felt he was being blown in a tornado like it was the beginning of Wizard of Oz, movie, not book. When he woke up, heaven looked like a backroom in the building Gunn used to live in, right after he met Angel. And it wasn't any kind of sleeping in the arms of the baby Jesus.

And When You Shake The Dogs Howl
Angel the series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Wee swearing. Connor/Buffy. post-NFA, post-Chosen, no comics canon. Posted 8.17.2008.
Buffy said, "There are three Slayers in this town and it would be cool to know a cop who understands the fanged and horned part of the population of do-badders."

The Dead Zone (tv)

I Have Seen
Dead Zone. A little smut. Johnny/Bruce. Roughly season 2. Posted 3.5.2005
Johnny is still surprised.

The Gilmore Girls, Gilmore Girls x-overs

Worry Is Wasteful
The Gilmore Girls. A little smut, less swearing. Paris/Rory. Posted 3.15.2005
Paris needs to settle that long-standing sexual tension.

Cry Havoc and All That
The Gilmore Girls. Lorelai/Luke. Post s5. Posted 8.14.2005
Brush up on your Shakespeare.

David Caruso Doesn't Live Here Anymore
The Gilmore Girls. Lorelai/Luke. AU circa Red Light On The Wedding Night (and mid s2). Posted 9.12.2005
For Voleuse's Gilmore Girls a thon. One calm phone call and then months later, accidental sex panic

Not Even Pinkerton
The Gilmore Girls. Lane, Rory. s6 spoilers. Posted 1.7.2006.
For the Fem Gen Ficathon. What was Lane going to get out of college now?

Candy Mouth
The Gilmore Girls/Veronica Mars. Logan Huntzberger/Logan Echolls, Logan Echolls/Weevil. s6(GG) & s2(VM) spoilers. Smut, swearing & drug use. Posted 5.18.2006.
Logan wants boarding school days, a vacation from giving a damn.

Homicide: Life on the Street

The Lovesong Of
H:LotS. A little swearing. Munch/Kay. Posted 5.19.2005
He's too old to care about anything but the wanting of her.

Adventures of Pete and Pete

Born With The Fists Of A Pete
Pete and Pete. No smut, no swears, a little violence. Big Pete/Ellen. Posted 9.8.2005
Senior year and everyone's changing except for Big Pete.

One Tree Hill

Been Put Back The Right Way Round
Vague smut and swearing. Brooke/Peyton. Posted 1.1.2006
Brooke and Peyton are never a phase.

Chicas to the Front
Vague smut and swearing. Rachel/Brooke. Posted 3.12.2007.
Maybe people really do change.

if you shake her heart enough she will appear
Vague swearing. Brooke/Peyton. Posted 1.1.2008.
Tree Hill was so weird, with tutor wives and half-brothers born 3 months apart and Dan Scott in general and Tim and stalkers so when she even tries to explain, she gets those looks. Like the next story is going to be about how she fucked her cousin.

Chaka Khan and Prince
Vague swearing. Skillz, Skillz/Bevin. Posted 2.25.2008.
He's been ruined. But Skillz bounces back. He is expert at the rebound.


Hiatus Machines
Post-series. Vague smut and swearing. Jaye, Jaye/Eric. Posted 2.28.2006
Jaye's clinical insanity just dumped her, out of nowhere.

Veronica Mars

The Finest Movies of Gina Gershon
Pre-Ruskie Business. Vague smut and swearing. Veronica/Meg. Posted 4.3.2006
It's not a date, it's a caper. Probably.

Instant Star

Why Should I Know Better By Now
s2 spoilers, set s3. Explicit sex. Tommy/Jude. Posted 4.25.2006
Why should I know better by now when I'm old enough not to?

Without A Trace

Die In The Ether Peripheries
Post s5. Explicit sex. Danny/Martin. Posted 6.25.2006.
This is for those people who hover and hover

Friday Night Lights

The Stars Grew Softer Overhead
Post-Homecoming. No swearing, no sex, no malteds. Matt/Julie. Posted 11.26.2006.
He could try the line about Landry's car again but it hadn't worked the first time either.

Blush And Knock Your Knees
Post-It's Different For Girls. Vague smut. Matt/Julie. Posted 1.01.2007.
For Yuletide 2006 Names matter.

My Name Is Earl

Number 269: Ruined The Cheese And Non-American Football Parties By Butting In
s2. A little swearing. Darnell/Joy, Catalina. Posted 1.01.2007.
For Yuletide 2006 If he didn't tell Joy it was for Catalina, he could leave a little early. And he didn't want to get killed.


Das Flaming Boots
Post-series. Mildly explicit sexual content. Leela/Fry. Posted 6.22.2007.
For one-night-stand-a-thon The whole planet is gay, down to the confetti they throw on you during parades. It's Bruce 3, what do you expect?

Dark Angel

and your heart was beating faster than cars drive through montana
Post-series. Explicit sexual content. Max/Alec. Posted 1.1.2008.
You can leave your hat on.

Through All These Things Twice
late s2. Not even swearing. Max, Alec, Original Cindy. Posted 4.15.2008.
Spring has sprung.


The One With Monica's Own
early s1. Not even swearing. Rachel/Monica. Posted 8.27.2008.
It all happened because of the weekly deep clean.

NCIS, NCIS crossovers

I Already Own My Own Body Of Water
post s5 NCIS, post s3 Bones. Minor swearing. Ziva David/Temperance Brennan. Posted 8.27.2008.
Then they are all introducing themselves and shaking hands vigorously to demonstrate how physically fit they all are. Ziva ignores Tony and the FBI man's barbed little back and forth and smiles at Temperance.

Come On Storm Let's Form A Cloud
post s5 NCIS, vaguely. Minor swearing, references to violence. Tony/OFC referenced. Posted 8.27.2008.
Tony said, "How did you get the DNA to do a paternity test on a six year old? Were you lurking outside her elementary school? Please tell me you didn't do a cheek swab on a 6 year old without her mother present. How do you not get arrested when you do that?"

And When You're Smoke How Do You Speak?
post s3, Ziva is present, no other spoilers. Minor swearing, references to violence. gen. posted 9.18.2008
An advantage of working for NCIS was that this was only the fifth time in the last decade that Ducky had had to autopsy anyone under the voting age. Today was not advantageous: he had two children on his tables.

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