Linked Stories: The following stories all take place in the same (largely non-slashy) SNuniverse and are arranged chronologically. It's not necessary to read them in order or to read them all to understand any of them.

First and Ten
Pre-slash & yet, boys doing it also. Categories suck. R. Posted 9.5.01.
You met me when I was first and ten against eleven men who could kick my ass. (Dan meets Casey, Casey meets Dan.)

Sweet October
Gen. R. Bad words. Posted 7.3.01.
10/97. A month of waiting.

Slugging Percentage
R. Bad words. Posted 8.19.01
Dan was never going to write anything great again. (Set late 1st season)

Static and Desire
Gen. R. Bad words. Posted 7.12.01.
He was fine, he thought. He also thought he needed to not be with these people. (Dan on the road)

No Dancing
USTy Gen. PG. Posted 10.11.01.
"They don't dance, Danny." (post-ep for the Reunion)

The Train That Takes You Away
PG. Bad words. Posted 8.19.01
If that train leaps off the track ... crawl. (Post ep to Local Weather)

How Green, How Deeply Green
Gen. R. Bad words. Posted 6.24.01.
Post-ep for Draft Day 2000: The Fall of Ryan O'Brien.

Time After Time
Gen. R. Bad words. Posted 6.28.01.
Post-ep for April is the Cruelest Month.

Gen. R. Bad words. Posted 7.18.01.
We're on national TV. 3 million people watch our show, why don't we have our own desks? Our own computers? Our own laptops?

The Very Long Night of Jeremy Goodwin
Gen. PG-13. A few bad words. Posted 8.7.01.
Fluff. Complete fluff. Bad lutefisk leads to the longest day of Jeremy's life.

5000 Tigers
R. Bad words. Slashy implications. Posted 8.19.01.
I want to talk about this not getting along thing without you shoving your tongue down my throat, Casey said.

R. Bad words. Slashy implications. Posted 8.19.01.
No one is really beautiful, we're all just mediocre men of the hour. (Sequel, sort of, to 5000 Tigers.)

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