Dan/Danny & Case/Casey study

By k - with stats help and general wonderfulness courtesy of Dr. Helen.


Introduction: I know I'm a geek. I have no life. Now, onto the study!

Method: I watched all 45 eps of Sports Night and noted every instance when Dan (hereafter known as DR for ease of reference) addressed Casey (hereafter known as CM) as "Casey" or "Case," whether by direct address or in reference to CM. I also counted the incidence of "Dan" or "Danny" when CM was addressing or referring to DR. I differentiated between "on-air" (meaning cameras rolling during a broadcast) and "off-air" (all other times, including scenes at the anchor desk when the duo were not on air). I didn't track any of the other characters beside DR and CM. Give me a grant and we can talk about it.

Data: CM addressing or referring to DR:

ON-AIR, "Dan" : 21
ON-AIR, "Danny": 2
OFF-AIR, "Dan" : 27
OFF-AIR, "Danny" : 106

DR addressing or referring to CM:

ON-AIR, "Casey" : 12
ON-AIR, "Case": 0
OFF-AIR, "Casey" : 123
OFF-AIR, "Case" : 2


DR addresses and thinks of CM as Casey. He says "Case" 1% of the time. "Case" is the nickname DR uses when trying to get CM to come out for drinks soon after his divorce or after CM confesses to having turned down Conan. In the second case it is followed by 3 Caseys. DR never used "Case" often enough for me to be able to say anything about when DR is prompted to use it. When DR and CM fight on Draft Day, he uses "Casey," and in when CM tells DR he is not going to LA, DR uses "Casey." There are, literally, too many examples to cite. In fights, in light-hearted moments, in deeply emotional moments, DR says Casey.

CM thinks of DR as "Danny," except when addressing him on-air. He refers to or addresses DR 79% of the time as "Danny" off-air, and 68% of the time combining off-air and on-air. While CM is a meticulous professional on-air, he uses "Danny" to refer to DR more than a majority of time off-air. CM seems to use "Dan" off-air primarily to convey exasperation - "Dan. Stop it," - when he wants DR to act more maturely. He also used it to address DR when first informing him of Isaac's stroke. Despite that one instance of "Dan" preceding bad or important news, CM uses "Danny" more often than not for serious exchanges ("I wouldn't trade the last 10 years of working with you, Danny" or "Danny, this'll end badly for you" in reference to Rebecca). He uses "Danny" when angry, like the Draft Day arguments and the argument after DR tells Natalie about Gordon and Sally. He uses "Danny" when referring to DR to third parties ("Danny thinks it's Luther," and "Don't worry about me and Danny").


For every use of the name Casey there are .35 Dans and .8 Dannys.
For every on air Casey there are 1.75 Dans and only .17 Dannys.
Off air there are .22 Dans per 1 off air Casey and .86 Dannys
DR's names are used 1.1 times more than Casey's.
CM addresses or refers to DR 3.48 times an ep.
CM says "Danny" 2.4 times an ep.
DR says "Casey" 3.04 times an ep.
Jeremy calls DR "Danny" once and only once in 45 eps: in the Reunion when DR tries to get Jeremy to tell Natalie that she is not ready to be an anchor.
Isaac is the only other character besides DR on the show to call CM "Case" - he says it in Shane as Dana drags CM out of Isaac's office.

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